River Party with DanceJA, Sri Lanka & Elite Team

River Party with DanceJA, Sri Lanka & Elite Team

On most sunday’s everyone is at home relaxing, taking it easy with family, getting ready for the work week and that’s all fine, but we needed some different Sunday vibes. We thought about who to link and instantly we knew we had to link with our DanceJA family Latonya Style. If there’s anything going on in Jamaica on all levels she knows. We link Latty and she told us about a River Party she was heading to, real community oriented and hidden from people outside the community. Quickly we thew on sum clothes (RepJA tees of course) and do road!


The weather did ah gwan ah way still, drizzling then raining hard, then back to drizzling again, it finally held steady at just raining. That inconsistent raining killed the initial vibes as we journeyed to the river. Getting closer to our destination the skies started to clear, everyone smiled and felt much better about the day.

As we arrived we were greeted by Sri Lanka Rifical (so spiritual) one of the wickedest dancers out of JA. Creator of (Calm Dem Down, Sri Lanka, MOB Rock, Crab up, Johncrow pitch, Black President, BarackaMedz, Guh fi Dem, Happy Feet, Cheer Fi Di Gyal Dem, Above the Clouds) and more.


Although we’ve never met the majority of everyone we were welcomed and treated as family. Walking up to the river party we could hear tunes ah beat, kids laughing and of course the smell of ganja in the air, felt like home! ah real river party ah gwan man! Nuff people! everyone having a great time swimming, throwing each other in the river, liquor pouring , new dances being released and 2 Japanese yutes in the mix learning all the latest dance moves and experiencing the culture first hand. Gotta love Jamaica!  This is authentic Jamaica, the people, the music the vibes. It doesn’t get much better!

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